Let's see how many times I can skip myself across a pond this year.

So I'm crawling back to action, awkward baby step after awkward baby step. The TL:DR...I had a bad breakdown of sorts after getting the worst art block I've ever had. It's been, a bit of a hard and slow crawl back. I'm currently adjusting to new medications, and just trying to get myself back together. It's my goal to get the next update done in time for Monday.

I have no plans of stopping in the scheme of things. By hook or by crook I'm gonna wrangle this bad boy to a finish line because I can't and don't want to stop now. But I need to perhaps accept that I'm never going to get back to my glory days of 3-4 updates a week and perhaps I should stop treating myself like trash because of it...and instead should focus on the stuff I can still do.

On the plus side, I spent the time away COMPLETELY GOING HAM ON HOME AND GARDEN STUFF. If only because if I wasn't able to draw I may as well try to be productive in a different albeit small-scale way. And hey, something to be said about physical work being nice to counter feeling like trash mentally. After moving 8 things of sod all around a yard, I am too dang TIRED AND SORE to let the anxiety get me right now.

I hope to see you all Monday! At the very least I plan to keep everyone posted with status deets cause I don't feel right just vanishing outright and leaving folks hanging. :I

- Ambaaargh

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